Lemongrass Infused Poppyseed Soap


One of our new Duo Soaps--one side provides gentle exfoliation. Flip the soap over and the other side is smooth and creamy for delicate areas that need no extra scrubbing.

The cheery yellow (non-scrubby) side features a quatrefoil design while the reverse side contains calendula and poppyseeds for exfoliation. Apricot oil is infused for six weeks with organic lemongrass to help support the cleansing qualities of the soap. The aloe liquid used makes the soap calming and soothing and the extra sugar in the aloe helps create quite a bubbly lather.

Lemongrass essential oil adds a bright, fresh, clean summer scent. This soap is especially good for use in the kitchen to clean up after cooking or gardening.

Handmade soap will vary in appearance from soap to soap. For best results allow your soap to dry out between uses. 4.5-5.0 oz

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