Originally created as part of an India-inspired series of soaps, the beautiful copper swirls of this soap reflect the warm copper color of henna often used in mehndi designs.Traditional mehndi centers around the idea of awakening one's inner light. Aptly named Awakening, this aqua, copper and white soap will awaken your senses with its soft honey almond scent.

Rice milk (or rice water) has long been used by Asian women as part of their beauty treatment. (Tradition tells us that the women working in the rice fields would rinse their faces with the rice water left over after washing the rice.) 

This lovely soap's ingredients includes rice bran, coconut, castor and palm kernel oils as well as shea butter and rice milk for a soothing bath time experience.

Handmade soap will vary in appearance from soap to soap. For best results allow your soap to dry out between uses. 4.5-5.0 oz

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